This fighting game has only one attack - JAB!
Shuffle and dash till the timing is right to - JAB!
Or footsie to bait your opponent then - JAB!
Hold centre stage. Don't fall off. Dance. JAB!

Two controllers can be connected in browser. On an xbox controller the left stick moves, A or Y dash and B or X jab.

Two players can also share a keyboard. For player 1 the arrow keys move, N dashes and M jabs. For player two, ESDF moves,  tab dashes and Q jabs.

Inspired by Super Smash Bros. and Divekick.

Native players for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspi are in the download zip, so feel free to download!


Thanks to those who playtested and supported us!

Thanks to TRASEVOL_DOG for the sprite compression code found here: . You can check out his projects here:

Thanks to Zep for making the Pico-8 and for the background code we adapted from here:

Code on GitHub here:

Also available on the Pico-8 forms here:

Made with love by
Davbo and Rory~


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I don't see the download link.

Made a video


Hello again! Thanks for playing our game, it was a delight to watch you discover and unfold all the mechanics and features 😄 Hope you enjoyed it and keep creating!

Really enjoyed it, it had a lot more in it than I thought it would which made it even more fun to play and mess around with. Also hope you keep creating too because already played 2 out of your 3 and have enjoyed them both.